Custom coins orders


Custom coins Orders:

  • It  is easier than ever to design your own Challenge coin. The process is  seamless, tell me what your vision is and I will make it come to life.  I work in three phases; design, sample and mass production. 
  • The design  Phase: I will Tailor my process to meet your needs.  I will bring your vision to life.  Once I get your concept artwork approved, I will push your coin  into the 
  • Sample phase, it takes 7 working days to produce a quality  sample. During this time, I can produce more than one version of your  design, changing the plating and colors to tune in your vision. 
  • Once the sample has been completed and approved, I will push the  coin into Mass production phase. Again, this process takes 7-10 business days  and once completed the product will be shipped to me here in San Antonio TX, where I will perform a quality control check and then forward the  completed product on to you.
  •  This process is extremely simple.
  • I am  easy to contact, you can  email me at, Call me at 619.841.1893 or if your  local in the SAN ANTONIO AREA you can come by my office and we can sit down and discuss your challenge.